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Chaitanya Prabhu

Chaitanya Prabhu

I started practicing Yoga almost 30 years ago and learned how the yogic postures or asanas initiate communication with one's body. Then I started practicing Tantra Yoga and learned that Yoga is not simply about postures that stretch and contort the muscles but also about exercising the mind and our consciousness. At that time, I was the Editor of a men's magazine and that gave me ample scope to explore tantric sex besides studying Tantra Philosophy. Recently, for several months, I practiced Yoga under a Tantrik Guru which motivated me to set up Tantrasm.Com.

My interest in the Science of Consciousness combined with over 20 years of writing (as a journalist and then as a learning consultant) puts me in a unique position to write about Tantra from a scientific, neurological and psychological perspective. 

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