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In this comprehensive course, you will learn Tantra Yoga and how it connects to your consciousness. It provides a conceptual link between the Philosophy of Tantra, your practice of Yoga, and your Tantra Teacher or Guru. Your tantric practice (you may choose to call it spiritual practice) is the beginning of your inner transformation and awakening.

"Awakening" is an important word, because our higher ideals often lie dormant. Tantra means technique, so the techniques covered in this course have their basis in the ancient Tantric and Yogic Shastras (texts): however, each and every technique or tantric procedure has been infused with modern scientific explanations. The philosophy is elaborated upon through contemporary philosophies. And, finally, modern psychology and the Science of Consciousness are used to make Tantra 2020 effective and relevant to 21st-century life.


Teaching the Tantric Approach

In our Information Age, communication is instantaneous. In this context, our enlightenment is in our own hands. The secrets of Tantra have become available to all. Unfortunately, these secrets are hidden in the vast amounts of Google garbage! In ancient times, Yoga practices were kept secret and passed on by word of mouth only between guru and disciple. Now, it's available all over the Internet mixed with tons of irrelevant, misleading, and time-wasting links.


I know, because I spent over 20 years searching, experimenting, and interpreting this mass of information and finally arrived at information that I could use. My practice and search have made me conclude that Tantra is simple if it is not obfuscated; it is effective if it is not obscured, and it brings about tremendous transformations if it is not presented in an obtuse manner. 


In this context, I am not a Yoga Teacher! I am a Tantra Teacher who will enable your consciousness and your mindful explorations in te Occult aspects of Tantra!


Modern man is no longer "modern" - we are already in the Post-Modern Era thanks to the invention of the World Wide Web (this is my view). This age has not only made information available at our fingertips but also made information irrelevant sooner. The novelty of new information is eroded quickly. So the "meaning of life" is also quickly eroded. Our Gods are longer gods! (Note the emphasis on the letter 'g.') Humans have always suffered from existential crises, but today our existential crises transform and change so much faster. Our experience of Time is not simply rapid, it's super fast!


Our intense search for the underlying meaning in life has prompted us to look at ancient philosophies such as Tantra, and this course is my effort to offer Tantra in simple and scientific language.


No Religion! No Magic! No BS!

Tantra 2020 is a complete course in the practices of Tantra Yoga. It weaves together the various paths of Yoga in a scientific manner to ensure the harmonious and holistic development of the human being. Several branches (Kundalini Tantra, Tantra Philosophy, Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, etc.) are introduced with special emphasis on daily practice. The practice of Yoga ensures health, peace of mind, and mental stability. But Tantra takes it further by ensuring intellectual clarity, higher spiritual knowledge and awareness, and a mental state where we become useful and productive in society.


This course contains the essence of my 20-years of exploration into tantric secrets.


And I have presented it in a way that makes it relevant to daily life. The course builds gradually with control of the pace completely with the student/learner. I have presented clear milestones to assess your progress. I have also provided many techniques to help stay committed to the program and not procrastinate.


Above all, Tantra 2020 comes with 3 one-on-one consultations (telephone/video-call) with me so that you can ask any questions you may have!


Course Structure

While you can learn at your own pace, the course has three main parts that are spread out over six weeks. These contain various topics on both the theoretical and practical aspects of Tantra Yoga. The first 2 weeks of practice for beginners is intended to systematically prepare the mind and body for the more advanced tantra techniques in the ensuing weeks and eventually to the higher-order techniques of tantric yoga in the last 2 weeks. The ultimate aim is to progressively lead you through the different techniques so that by the end of this course you will have an integrated approach and a full theoretical understanding of Tantra Yoga. You will have become a tantric practitioner!


I am not interested in a theoretical approach that bears no practical significance or relationship with daily life. In the form of telephonic discussions, I will reveal specific techniques that provide insights into what you may already know. I have gained these insights by comparing tantric traditional texts to modern existentialist philosophies (by Jean-Paul Sartre and Edmund Husserl to name a couple) so that this ancient wisdom becomes contemporary and relevant. Whether your goal is to achieve spiritual awakening, explore sexuality through sacred sexuality norms, or simply mundane pleasure, this authentic tantra course will show you the way. In this context, words only serve as a guide; they can never provide experience by themselves.


For example, if you wish to enhance your sexual energy or increase your sexual pleasure, then this course will show you how to perform a tantric massage (as one of the many techniques of enjoying tantric sex), but you will not achieve that pleasure by reading alone. You can't expect to enjoy the experience vicariously!


The reason is simple: higher-order "feelings" and "emotions" lie in the domains of

the mystical and the occult.


Words do not exist in these domains! Additionally, these "occult/mystical feelings and emotions" will be unique to you, so how can you find commonplace words to express what you experience! As your tantra teacher, I will understand that your experience is unique and guide to expressing them as elaborately as possible. But you will realize that your elaborate descriptions are only words - they can't capture the essence of your tantric experience!


Tantra integrates theory and practice of Yoga seamlessly through certain actions. It is the means of developing a newer and simpler outlook on life and its seemingly complex patterns, i.e. a new consciousness since each person is a unit consisting of body, mind, and consciousness.


Holistic Approach

Most yogic systems tackle one of these aspects and ignore or deny other aspects. Therefore, this course is an integral approach to Tantra Yoga and life in general. Your reasons for exploring Tantra may be several or few, they may be profound or banal, or they may be spiritual or practical. Whatever your reasons are, don't forget to act on these reasons. Tantra 2020 is a course designed in such a way that you can take it at any time, without much great cost, and very little effort... OK! That bit about the effort is a lie!


You will have to put in the effort but not pain! Once you have tasted the fruits of Tantra - however small they maybe - you will not be able to turn back. Tantra 2020 is customized for your individual needs and situation (through the 3 one-one telephonic consultations with me), so you will have to put in a lot of effort to AVOID the practice once you start.


Guided meditation (using the simplest asana like Shavasana to the complex Vishuddhi Pranayama - aka Ujjayi Pranayama) will enable you to experience bliss and forge your own spiritual path! Each tantra class involves:


1. Yoga Practice

2. Guided Meditation

3. A Tantric Teaching


Important Note

While many Tantra classes advocate some kind of ritual or deity or puja in their teachings, I steer clear of them. I will explain these ideas but I do not endorse them nor advocate their practice!



Through Tantra 2020, you will enjoy a body that is healthy and a mind that is tuned in to a higher sensitivity. This in turn will enable you to deal with relationships (sexual, friendly, or professional) and cultivate ideas of communion with higher spiritual powers. These techniques will help you improve your life intellectually and spiritually. If you choose to use these techniques for evil or crime, then you will be able to do so since Tantra only offers techniques, not moral judgments!


The Importance of Action: Karma

If you read or speak millions of words, you will find a small change in your consciousness. But remember, it takes tremendous effort to read millions of words. You can "consume" great amounts of information and acquire only marginal growth in your awareness. On the other hand, you can take action - physical action - and achieve great success. Physical action implies doing something physical: an asana, a kriya, a form of meditation... going to a shop to buy your clothes (instead of ordering it online)!


This kind of action is often referred to as Kar Seva or Karma wherein "kar" means "to do." It is an end in itself, and, done with the right motivation, Karma serves its own purpose. There is no reward after the action. Misconceptions of karmic "reap-as-you-sow" actions have been around since time immemorial.

Tantra destroys these false ideas by clearly stating: "The reward is in the action itself!"


By using this principle, Tantra 2020 Online Classes show you how to enjoy your actions for what they are and for what you feel while performing them. Any rewards accrued afterward are bonuses. Even though there are many marvelous and wondrous bonuses, it would be cheating on my part to promise you such rewards. All I can say is that you will truly enjoy the journey itself!


Therefore the emphasis is on your personal action manifested through practice and effort. There is a specific intelligence involved when you move (Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence) and there are several levels of awareness when your body gets into physical action with mindfulness. This mind-body connection unveils increasingly higher orders of consciousness!



Breath is a constant companion, therefore different pranayama techniques are included to develop your breathing capacity. Knowing and controlling your breathing increases clarity and calmness of mind. This in turn helps with meditation. Meditation leads to exploring the mind which finally helps to expand your Mind. My goal is to give you a formative experience of higher consciousness and superior planes of existence. Whether you seek meaning in your life, purpose to your life, or any of the many modern materialistic pleasures, Tantra 2020 wishes it for you.


Three Stages of the Course

Tantra 2020 is constituted by the following 3 stages. These are not static stages but dynamic processes that indicate evolution from one to another:

I. Body to Mindfulness

II. Mindfulness to Consciousness

III. Consciousness to Super-Consciousness

Body to Mindfulness

Think of your body as a machine that needs to be cleaned, cleansed, tuned, and lubricated. In this context, there are several cleaning exercises such as neti, dhauti, and shankhaprakshalana... to name a few. Included in this course are appropriate diets and natural healing methods.


Mindfulness to Consciousness

Asanas (yogic postures) prepare the body to be mindful. Here you will learn to become mindful of your body which in turn will increase your understanding of your own mind. A large number of asanas are included from pre-meditation and meditation to Hatha Yoga. As part of preparing the Body, Pranayama is vital. Thus, almost all techniques breathing techniques and breath control will be described.

Consciousness to Super-Consciousness

The most practical meditation practices are included and systematically introduced so that you go from the simple to the advanced. Mantra practice and relevant symbology are discussed. You will also be introduced to Yantra and Mandala making. These in turn lead you to super-consciousness!

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