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Tantra Massage

Back Massage

Respect Boundaries

We all know that there will be a lot of touching during a massage, more so in a tantric massage. Therefore, even among lovers, boundaries should be set. To establish a connection between the receiver and giver, it's also important to establish the roles. The receiver must be perfectly selfish in receiving pleasure, and the giver must be perfectly altruistic in giving pleasure.


Some controversies have appeared in the area of Tantra massage. Masseurs (you don't hear a lot about masseuses) who push their sexual pleasure/lust on "customers." The protection of the receiver and giver consistently needs to be ensured.


A Thorough Explanation

Every individual has potential energy within him/her. Some consider this sexual, some spiritual, and some Kundalini. Since Kundalini cannot be translated into any other language, let's describe it: it is an energy that combines the energies of the sexual, the spiritual, and the intellectual. This energy is discharged from the Chakras during a tantric massage because it is manifest through the entire human body. The body is a sensual organism, so every part is capable of experiencing a sensation of a high order. You can call this a sensation or you can call it sexual energy. Every cell within your system gets active, and the energy pathways within the human body are activated. You start with the primary paths: both the upwards (liberating) and descending (manifesting).


Going Deeper

Prepare beforehand (both as giver and recipient) exactly what your constraints are (or whether there are no constraints). Make certain there is suitable food-intake (light, non-spicy food) and also an adequate prep along with your lover/partner. Establish clear borders for the entire duration: regarding emotional boundaries, opinions about fantasizing/role-playing, etc. Will there be sex? Will there be any kind of sexual intercourse? If there will be sexual intercourse, what to do if there is premature ejaculation? Tantric massage can be used as prolonged foreplay for the woman, but this article will show that tantric massage goes beyond that. On the one hand, it can be a ritual for tantric sex, and on the other hand, it becomes a pathway for sexual healing! An incredible tantric massage can go beyond any sexual orgasm you may have enjoyed! In this context, tantric love makes tantra massages a ritualistic part of tantric love relationships.


It's a misconception that the tantric massage always has to be nude. Where nude or not, touching a certain part of the body can be exciting or uncomfortable. This may not be restricted to an erogenous zone: it may be another part (for example the tummy, because the person doesn't like being flabby). With clothes is also completely fine (though difficult for the giver to work well because the material is thick or too synthetic).


Make it clear how confident you are about giving the message: establish your own confidence before establishing confidence in the receiver. Also mention that you're knowledgeable about intimacy. You have to be able to become romantic with yourself until you can provide or get a romantic, tantric massage. So in case, your spouse has some doubts concerning love or closeness, then we certainly advocate going slow... And discussing boundaries in a rather clinical manner!


Intimacy begins with you personally, so first, be comfortable with yourself!


Your Mind

A massage does not always bring comfort and calmness: It can be exciting and disturbing (disturbing in an invigorating and positive sense). For example, when you are receiving an erotic massage. You're going to undoubtedly want to be calm and comfy, but that obviously does not happen when you are being sexually aroused. Another example: you are completely nude and have set boundaries about not touching the genitals or breasts; you will still be aroused!


Lingam Massage and Yoni Massage

Lingam (penis) and Yoni (vagina) have a special place in an advanced massage session: It can be sexual or it can be superficial. Both these aspects need to be discussed with the masseur or masseuse. For heterosexual men/women receiving a tantric massage from the same sex, massaging the genitals may be easy or difficult (depending on the extent of their homophobia). It may be even more difficult if the giver is of the opposite sex and not an intimate sex partner. In such situations, the massage technique should include the use of sex toys, tools, or other equipment that prevents any hand-to-body contact.


It's also possible that there could be some seminal discharge that can be embarrassing. Such eventualities should be discussed beforehand. There could also possibly be an emotional discharge. For example crying, yelling, an acute sense of surprise, or a negative disturbance. This happens because the act of stimulating the body evokes memories: memories that may have been suppressed. Obviously, these suppressed memories are not always pleasant.


Between Lovers

... a touch will always be from one's heart. Therefore, the experience will be that much deeper. The bias of one's reality, personal identity, and emotional makeup come under pressure and our awareness is elevated. Example: when you're receiving the touch of the giver, are you completely trusting of the fact that you will not be injured? Will you completely trust the giver in not touching your genitals, because you have agreed on that boundary before starting?


A sensual massage can be part of a body massage, but it does not become tantric in any way unless the goal is sacred (sacred in any way defined by you) or enlightening. How much of yourself will be awakened by your body being poked and prodded and massaged?


Dreaming or Falling Asleep

Falling asleep is not intended though you achieve deep relaxation. You can avoid this by having a casual conversation. Stay connected by being aware of each other and what your thoughts are on the massage table. You may also practice some basic breathing exercises.


Traditional massage techniques are utilized to bring about some amount of relaxation to ensure activation of the mental, spiritual, and emotional energies. What does exactly the receiver desire? Desires will come forth! What is the receiver thinking? Thoughts will erupt! What is the receiver's spiritual quest? The receiver's spirit will speak! This transformation is not simply a happy state; it is the realization of the Kundalini potential. Practice makes these perfect and tantric massages are not merely about energizing the body but also about invoking the divine!


Massage as a Tantric Ritual

With the goal of enlightenment or of awakening, tantra massage transforms simple "body-rubbing" techniques into tools for attaining the divine. It elevates the body's orgasm to a spiritual climax. Become loving: you know exactly what it really is like to love your self. You go through it every day! And that provides a sensation that is liberating and satisfying. You already "know" how to love your self (your ego), your own body, your sexual life, and energy. If this is not the case with you, then it's time you got yourself some tantric massage. Begin to appreciate receiving and giving a simple rub down. Become aware of your perceptions: smell, hear, feel, and taste. And reveal yourself to your Self. Let the body speak!


Different Types

1. Traditional Massage: Different types focusing on muscles and joints. The outcome is a feeling of energy and a relaxed state of being.

2. Erotic Massages: Focusing on an erogenous zone (or all of them in progression) without any kind of sex or sexual climax. This is usually a precursor to tantric sex.

3. Tantric Massage: Focused on healing, awakening, and enlightening. It is NOT a sexual massage, because it does get stuck in intercourse or gratification.

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